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1999 Oldenburg stallion by Riverman, out of the Premium imported mare, I Must Fly*. 1999 Grand Champion Colt, ISR Foal Championships, Midwest. Handsome and athletic, a scopey and careful jumper.

* Shown successfully in hand in 2000,
* Colt Champion and Young Horse Champion.
* Champion Yearling WDCTA,
* Peace n Plenty Trophy Winner.
* Homozygous for BLACK

Remarkable is a beautiful, modern type stallion. With his handsome face, wonderful neck, long legs, and beautifully modeled top line, this young stallion already has the characteristics of an impressive sire. He has fluid, powerful movement, excellent gaits, and a sweet disposition. He offers his modern type, presence, jumping technique, and athletic ability.

We are pleased that our lovely stallion is now approved with the RPSI, the American extention of PRPS (Pferdezuchterverband Rheinland-Pfalz-Saar e.V.) in Germany. "Indy" was inspected and approved as a two-year old by Otto Schalter, the Breeding Director of the Pferdezuchterverband Rheinland-Pfalz-Saar e.V.. He received excellent marks for his type and conformation, movement, and free jumping.

Remarkable was in training during the months of Feb - March 2002. He is proving to be a smart and willing horse. He is showing tremendous ridability and athletic ability with his trainer, and has been quiet and mannerly on all occasions. He is showing excellent engagement with his hindquarters and a natural lightness of the forehand. Remarkable has been a real pleasure to start under saddle and looks to be off to a fabulous start to his riding career!

  • Approved Rheinland Pfalz Saar Int'l and Amer. Warmblood Registry
  • Inspectors noted his excellent type, topline, and jumping talent
  • Champion Yearling WDCTA
  • Remarkable is Homozygous for Black!

Foal Year: 1999
Results: 1999--Premium Foal, 8.5 on type & conformation
1999--Grand Champion Colt, ISR Midwest Foal Championships
2000--Colt Champion, Sorensen May
2000--Young Horse Champion, Sorensen Dressage and Sporthorse--May
2000--First Place, Breeder's Group, Sorensen Dressage and Sporthorse--May (with Replikah)
2000--First Place, Yearling Colts, Sorensen Dressage and Sporthorse--June
2000--Qualified for USDF Breeders Championship
2000--Second Place, Yearlings, Summer's End Hunter Breeding at Andelain Farm
2000--First place, Yearling colts, Dressage at Lamplight
2000--Remarkable was shown in Warmblood Magazine's Nov/Dec issue "What's my Conformation" by Hilda Gurney. Hilda's comments were very positive (read on our website)
2000--Wisconsin Dressage & Combined Training Association 2000 Grand Champion Yearling
2000--Winner of the Peace & Plenty Perpetual trophy for Champion Yearling with WDCTA
2001 -- Hopeful Farm relocated, Remarkable was not shown.
2001 -- Stallion approval, Rheinland Pfalz Saar International, excellent scores on type and conformation, movement, and free jumping.
2002 -- Begin under saddle training, first season at stud, licensed AWR.
2003 -- Begin training with Ken Borden, Jr, and begin his show career!
Common Traits Passed to Foals: Remarkable was tested this year by UC-Davis for Red Factor. We received the report from UC Davis -- he is an E, which means he will never produce a chestnut.

Being a Gray, he will pass the graying on to 50% of his foals. All offspring however will have the base colors as mentioned above.
More Details: 2003 stud fee: $750 + $250 booking
EVA Status: Negative 01/02
Remarkable achieved 100% pregnancies in his first year of breeding. One mare we bred this year has been unable to conceive for 2 years. She switched and bred to Remarkable, and we were able to successfully breed her in one cycle with one collection, and she is due in July 2003!
External Link: http://www.hopefulfarm.com

Horse Name: Remarkable

Stud Fee: 750

Booking Fee: 250

Height: 16.1

Stable: Hopeful Farm Sport Horses

Dicipline: CT/Eventing

Dicipline: Dressage

Dicipline: Halter

Dicipline: Hunter

Dicipline: Jumper

Sire: Riverman

Dam: I Must Fly

Grand Sire: Redfort

Dam of Sire: Alexis III

Dam Sire: I Really Will

Dam of Dam: Better Fly

Price: $750

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