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Tjaldur Fr? H?lum

Tjaldur is a first prize five-gaited Icelandic stallion, ranked one of the top ten six-year-old stallions in Iceland in 2003, a 5 Gait Champion in Iceland in 2002 and one of the highest evaluated stallions in North America. Tjaldur is a beautiful black & white pinto with an incredible character and temperament. A gentleman at all times and truely one of the best of his breed.

    Foal Year: 1995
    More Details: AI is available. Thirty days of pasture breeding $150, stable care $20/day.
    External Link: http://www.icelandic-creations.com

    Horse Name: Tjaldur Fr? H?lum

    Stud Fee: 750

    Booking Fee: 200

    Color: Black/White

    Stable: Icelandic Creations

    Sire: Kolfinnur fra Kjarnholtum I

    Dam: Kria fra Laekjamoti

    Grand Sire: Hrafn fr? Holtsmula

    Dam of Sire: Kria frGlokolla fra'Kjarnholtum

    Dam Sire: Hervar fra Saudarkroki

    Dam of Dam: Snaelda fra Laekjamoti

    Price: $750

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