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Tradition Painting APHA# 227,751

This well-built stallion has what it takes to produce good quaility babys.
This stallion is very quite and is a people lover. He gets along with all horse Including other stallions. He is turned out with theses horses daily. 2 mares 2 geldings 2 babys and 1 other stallion.He acts like a big gelding. He has produced 26 babys.Shipped seman coming soon.See Photos at website below.

  • Very quite produce good quaility babys very nice Investment for you and your mare
  • very easy to handle a 5 yr old child has breed mares with this stallion
  • Son of NOBLE TRADITION sold at 2004 congress for 27,000.00
  • Noble Traditions off spring sold for 30,000-60,000.00

Foal Year: 1991
Results: 4-2nd Ohio paint horse Futurities2004
1st Railsplitter Paint show International Livestock Exposition
1st Illinois state fair 2001 western horse show
2-2nds Maeshall-Putnam fair 2001

Common Traits Passed to Foals: He passes on to his foals his exceptionally good temperament, disposition, calmness and manageability.
More Details: Book before Dec.31st 2004 and Stallion service is $350.00. with signed contracted. Booking Fee:$100
External Link: http://home.earthlink.net/~kita999999/id17.html

Horse Name: Tradition Painting APHA# 227,751

Stud Fee: 500

Booking Fee: 200

Breed: Paint

Color: Sorrel

Height: 15.2

Stable: Impressive paints and quarterhorses

Dicipline: Other

Sire: Noble Tradition

Dam: IMA Fisty Bar

Grand Sire: Impressive

Dam of Sire: Magnolia Gay

Dam Sire: Poco fisty

Dam of Dam: Regers hope

Price: $500

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