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Black Own Grandson Of Three Bars

Bar Heels Handicap was born in 1990 making him 15 this year.
He stands a stout 15.1 and produces foals that
mature to the 15. - 15.3 range depending on
the mare he is bred to. He is a proven producer with foals that are athletic and well balanced and have willing dispositions.
He can be purchased outright or to the right buyer we will sell him on a lease to buy option

    Foal Year: 1990
    External Link: http://www.aqhaseiowa.com

    Horse Name: Black Own Grandson Of Three Bars

    Color: Black

    Height: 15.1

    Stable: Circle Bar J Ranch

    Sire: Bar Heels

    Dam: Handicaped Beauty

    Grand Sire: Three Bars

    Dam of Sire: Hot Heels

    Dam Sire: Yucca River Roxy

    Dam of Dam: Pat's Lucky Poco

    Price: $0

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