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Blue Eyed Dream

Rare Cremello German Warmblood Imported & Branded ZFDP. When bred to a chestnut, he'll produce palominos 100% of the time. When bred to a bay, the foal could be palomino or buckskin (or a rare smokey black). Dream's first 3 offspring recieved wonderful scores at thier AWR inspection, 2 received First Premier awards (8.0 or higher) and one received a First Premium award with a score of 7.9. In 2006 his offspring received Gold Premium awards with RPSI and one colt won the RPSI inspection!

Dream has a wonderful personality and passes not only that but his athletisim and movement on. Dream is approved for breeding with the AWR and RPSI. Video and pictures available at www.palominowarmbloods.com

Booking fee included in stud fee.

  • Unique color foals!
  • Excellent movement and correct conformation
  • Gauranteed a palomino foal when bred to a chestnut mare

Foal Year: 2002
Results: Black Prong Training Level Driving Champion Feb.06 in all 3 phases.

Currently in dressage training and showing and has thus far recieved a 71% at First level dressage and 65% at second level!

See our website for competition info.
Common Traits Passed to Foals: Palomino or buckskin color, excellent movement and correct conformation, sweet and willing personalities.
More Details: Cooled shipped semen available
External Link: http://www.palominowarmbloods.com

Horse Name: Blue Eyed Dream

Stud Fee: 1400

Color: Other

Stable: Equivale

Dicipline: CT/Eventing

Dicipline: Dressage

Dicipline: Driving

Dicipline: Equitation

Dicipline: Foxhunting

Dicipline: Hunter

Dicipline: Jumper

Sire: Blonder Hans

Dam: Seneta

Grand Sire: Atom

Dam of Sire: Komtess

Dam Sire: Cavalet Trojsky

Dam of Dam: Soneta

Price: $1400

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