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Jef Sir Lancelot

Lance is a beautiful, extremely athletic, black, 14-3 Connemara Stallion with 3 white socks and a blaze. He has unusual 10 inch cannon bones the ACPS breed standard being 8. He loves to work and to play and especially loves competing in x-country. He's a stunning competitor in the dressage ring as proven by his championship titles.

  • 2007 USEA Area IV Horse of the Year & BN Champion
  • 10 inch bone - ACPS breed standard is 8
  • 2005 ACPS Region VII Hunter/Jumper Champion
  • He loves x-country, excels in dressage & enjoys swimming in the pond.

Foal Year: 1999
Results: 2007 USEA Area IV BN Horse of the Year
2007 USEA Area IV BN Champion
2005 ACPS Area VII Hunter/Jumper Champion
Common Traits Passed to Foals: Lance babies inherit his big bone, beautiful eye and quiet nature. Crossing him with thoroughbred mares creates horses with great legs and quiet dispositions. Halfbred foals can be registered with the ACPS.
More Details: $500 LFG, shipped semen or live cover. $285 chute/shipping fees
We have young stock available.
External Link: irishgatefarm.com

Horse Name: Jef Sir Lancelot

Stud Fee: 500

Color: Black

Height: 14.3

Stable: Irish Gate Farm

Dicipline: CT/Eventing

Dicipline: Dressage

Dicipline: Jumper

Sire: Tre Awain Dobh McDuff

Dam: Mack's Greystone Erin's Pride

Grand Sire: Tre Awain Ginger Blue

Dam of Sire: Tre Awain Rosin Dobh

Dam Sire: Greystone McErrill

Dam of Dam: Spar Hill Bayberry

Price: $500

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