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Lil Champagne Tease

Lil Champagne Tease is a small pony stallion, he grew a little too tall for the AMHR but he is registered with the International Champagne Horse Registry and eligible for the pony division of the SHOC Sport Horses of Color Registry. He is Amber Champagne Appaloosa, bay base color, homozygous for black and heterozygous for agouti, appaloosa and champagne. He is more horse like in proportion and produces lovely foals that are athletic and more like their dams in type. He loves to jump and he is very animated but totally manageable and sweet tempered, intelligent and willing to work to do anything asked. This stallion is certified by genetic testing to be a true champagne color by the University of Kentucky and other color testing by Pet DNA of Arizona. He is DNA'd for the MFTPR, results on file at the University of Kentucky.

  • Excellent Temperament passed along to his foals
  • Athletic, lovely, proportionate ponies with correct conformation.

Foal Year: 2002
Common Traits Passed to Foals: Lil Champagne Tease passes is wonderful temperament, willingness and intelligence for training. He allows the mares to determine type so whether you're wanting a Gaited pony foal, QH type or Sport Pony you can depend on getting a foal like your mare. He cannot produce a sorrel or chestnut and there is a 50% chance for champagne and/or appaloosa on a black or bay base.
More Details: Live cover or Shipped Semen. Stud fee is $200 for live cover with $6/day mare care. Shipped Semen is based on cost of collection and shipping to your area.
External Link: http://freewebs.com/fivehillssportponies/

Horse Name: Lil Champagne Tease

Stud Fee: 200

Booking Fee: 100

Color: Champagne

Height: 10.2

Stable: Five Hills Farm

Dicipline: Childrens/4-H

Dicipline: Driving

Dicipline: Halter

Sire: unknown reg Miniature

Dam: Unknown reg Miniature

Price: $200

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