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BurlesonHorseShoeing: Hot, cold,corrective,dependable, reliable farrier services
Chris Yaffe: Show and performance horse shoeing. Hot and cold. Corrective. Veterinarian recommended.
Cole Henderson Farrier Service: All types of shoeing and trimming for performance and show horses in the South Vancouver Island area
Farrier: certified master farrier, cold,corrective,hot shoeing foals to geriatrics including drafts
Female Farrier Service: This service will provide optimal hoof care for your horses, donkeys and mules. Trims and shoes are done to the best pastern axis that the animal can achieve. The animal's best interest is my main concern.
HPT, High Performance Trim, Barefoot: Greg Gollick, CEP, Certified Equine Podiatrist Institute of Equine Podiatry, KC La Pierre HPT is a holistic approach, for all disciplines, to improve your horse's quality of life. York Haven, Pa 717-938-8164
LaFrance Farrier Service: Certified Journeyman Farrier. Hot, Cold, and Corrective Shoeing and Trimming. 10 Years Experience.
Meadows Edge Farrier Service & Metal Products: Shoeing And Trimming Horses, Making Horses Go Sound, Builder Of Fine Horseshoe Collectables And Knick-Knacks, Manufacturer Of Horse Shoeing Tools, And The Home Of ?The Ultimate Horse Feeder?.
Mo Shaw Farrier Service: Specializing in the equine athlete and the lame and foundered horse. 513-617-9274
Roughrider Farrier Works: bwfa - certified farrier. hot, cold and corrective shoeing. also useing equi-flex ploy-steel shoes.
Shane Stephenson: Experienced in corrective shoeing such as founder, club foot, and cracked feet. Will shoe all varieties including hunters, jumpers, polo ponies, and reining horses.
Tim Patrick: High quality farrier services. Show, performance, and pleasure horses. Regular and corrective shoeing.
Tim's farrier Service: All breeds and disciplines. All services including trims.Serving IL.Parts of IN. and WIS.
Western Canadian Farrier Association: The official Web Site for Farriers, Horseshoers and Blacksmiths Working in Western Canada, BC - Alberta - Saskatewan - Ontario - NWT With Members in California - Washington - Wisconsin - Oregon Advancement Through Education & Communication
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