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Websites in this Category:

Daily Horse News: Regularly updated Horse News from around the World
E-Equestrian Horse Chat Forums: Online Equine Community
Electronic Equestrian Connections: Thousands of horse lovers online, using the net to find and converse with others who share their interests. Discussion for eventers, junior riders, foxhunters, and others.
Horse Sense: Talk about equine issues in MSN horse chat groups.
HorseChat.com: Horse chat website including discussions on a variety of topics.
Horseyville: Most of our current members live in Tennessee, but all are welcome! Free registration includes: members-only message boards, live chat, horses for sale, horse rescue experiences, classified ads and more. Register today!
New Mexico Appaloosas: Mainly for Appaloosa realred events in New Mexico, but Apploosas breedersa snd owners from all over are welcome
The Horse Community: A place for discussion of all general and specific horse topics, rider concerns, daily life, etc.
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