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AidMyEquine - Solutions For Equine Injuries: Top trainers have been using our products for years...and now they are available to all others. Unique therapy systems to aid in the recovery from equine injuries.
ANIMA - wholistic health & rehab for horses: Wholistic veterinary care, including nutrition, herbal therapy, homeopathy, manual & movement therapy, energy medicine, medical intuitive evaluation, and more.
Animal and Human Nutrition 101: Live a healthier life through better nutrition using Dynamite Specialy Products. See how our all natural nutritional supplements enhance the performance and well being for yourself, horse, dog, cat or exotic animal.
Balance Equine Therapy: Certified Equine Therapist dedicated to furthering the field of equine therapy. Information about holistic/alternative therapies.
BalanceWorks Equine Services Inc.: Using Equine Sport Therapy, we help bring your horse into true balance. Equine massage, Reiki, pressure point, saddle fit and nutrition. Wellness services for riders and pets also available. Based in Victoria, BC, Canada.
Beyond Horse Massage: The Masterson Method: The Masterson Method™ Seminars are tailored to the needs of horse owners, trainers or equine therapists who would like to learn the basics of Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork™ to understand the concept of following the responses of the horse and to practice the Masterson Method™ on a variety of different horses. In these hands-on workshops you'll learn how to recognize and use the visual responses of the horse to your touch, to find and release accumulated stress in key junctions of the body that most affect performance. Jim Masterson has successfully taught these basic techniques to hundreds of owners, therapists and trainers worldwide, enabling them to open new levels of communication and relationship with their horses. Jim, or one of his hand-picked instructors would be happy to come to your barn to teach one of these foundational weekend seminar-workshops.
Black Pearl Equine: The purpose of this product is metabolic stabilization of the gastrointestinal tract resulting in physiological production energy that enhances the horse?s health.
Centaur BodyWorks Equine Therapy: Acupuncture, massage therapy, saddle fitting and reflocking, clinics and lectures designed for superior performance of the equine athlete
Chillwaters: An insight into Lynn Wilson's take on alternative health, holistic practices and horsemanship, that encourage that illusive, all important, sense of well being for people and animals alike.
Cotswold Equine Therapies Ltd., New Zealand: Gentle, whole body treatment for biomechanical imbalances. Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Physcial Therapy
Equi-Scope : Equi-Scope works with you and your veterinarian, farrier, chiropractor, or other equine health-care provider to improve your horse's health. Through non-invasive Electro-Acuscope / Myoscope therapy, we can enhance the ability of your horse.
Equine Bowen Technique, "Balance and feel for Horse and Rider": Equine Bowen Therapy is an excellent tool as an integral part of fittening horses ether from being rested from injury or from increasing the work load with the competition in mind Releasing muscle, circulation, lymphatic drainage and digestion.
Equine Bowen Therapy: Equine Bowen Therapy is and excellent tool as an integral part of fittening horses ether from being rested from injury or from increasing the work load with the competition in mind.
Equine Iridologist: Find the root of health problems and weaknesses. Also, inherited weaknesses Protect your investment! Call (705)826-2500 Jeanette Abernethy-Certified Equine Iridologist
Equine Iridologist: Certified and experienced in Equine Iridology. Call - Jeanette Abernethy (705)826-2500 Find the root of the problem in your horse. Very accurate findings.
Equine Iridologist:
Equine Iridology: Find the source of health problems or weakness in your horse. "Treat the problem, not the symptom" Non-invasive, very accurate. Call (705)826-2500
Healthy Happy Horse: Certified Holistic Practitioner Restores Mobility, Health and Well-Being in Horses and Other Equines using Jin Shin Jyutsu and Reconnective Healing.
Healthy Horses Inc Massage Therapy & Sitting Services: Providing equine sports massage therapy in central North Carolina. Licensed Equine Sports Massage Therapist. ALSO NOW OFFERING horse sitting services in Greensboro area. Contact Lorie Garber or visit web site to learn more!
Holistequine: Equine Assisted Life Coaching, Online horse courses, private personal growth sessions, e-books
Horse and Hound Bodywork: Jenny Hunt provides integrated body work to enhance the athletic performance of horses and dogs. Craniosacral therapy, myo-fascial release, Healing Touch for Animals and Reiki.
Lucy Hollick Bowen Therapy: Lucy Hollick Bowen Therapy ? Qualified Bowen Therapist providing equine Bowen therapy treatments from her own clinic in Warwickshire.
Mechanics for the Equine Athlete: Equine bodywork, saddle fitting, flocking, and clinics.
Primary Source for Equine Stem Cell Therapies : A horse with a tendon or ligament injury CAN be returned to service using our proven stem cell therapies. Visit at www.vetcellamericas.com
Reiki For Horses: Balance your horse's energy to promote self healing.
Southern Califiornia Equine Chiropractic: AVCA certified Equine chiropractor serving San Diego, Orange ,Los Angeles and Riverside Counties. Treating hunter jumpers,dressage, barrel racers, trail and pleasure riders. Both the rider and the horse are adjusted when indicated.
Southern California Horse Massage: Your Equine athlete deserves the best- pre-event, post-event,lay-ups,muscle pain relief,improved mobility,increased circulation,range of motion, sense of well-being.Does your horse have issues? Flower Essence Therapies can help.
Taranet Alternative Animal Therapies: information online on many complementary therapies including equine massage, animal aromatics and many more. Plus quality aloe vera products available via mail order.
Trew Touch Animal Massage: Maximize the potential in your horse! Equissage certified equine sports massage therapist. Barn/show calls by appointment. Serving West Central Florida.
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