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Equestrian Management Group: Since 1987 Equestrian Management Group Inc. has produced Canada's top hunter and jumper events. In addition, our horse show management software has been widely adopted across North America.
Heels-Down Horse Show Services: Horse Show Management and Horse show "Mom". Can put on a show for your organization or club and can help get you and your horse ready for show!
Horse dressage: Jane Savoie is one of the most recognized names in dressage
Horse Show Management Services: Management & computer services for horse shows. AHSA Licensed Steward. We can do anything and everything depending on the needs of the horse show.
Show Management Services: With over ten years experience in show office management, Linda & Sandi will handle all show office responsibilities and keep the show running smoothly and on schedule.
Showplace Productions: Showplace Productions is a full service operation catering to the needs of horse show promoters. We offer full managerial services.
Triple Rise Equestrian Services: Hunters/Jumpers/Equitation/Sales/Horse Show Management/Hauling
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