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Centaur BodyWorks Equine Therapy: Equine massage, chiropractic, and acupoint therapies combined with professional saddle fitting and re-flocking to give you a well balanced horse
Certified Equine Massage Therapist: Certified Equine Massage Therapist
Certified Equine Massage Therapist: Discover the benefits of equine massage therapy! Certified Equine Massage Therapist available in Southern Ontario.
Certified equine massage therapist and Reiki practitioner: Sabrina J Taylor practices in South Central Ontario and surrounding areas! Please contact (519)780-0436
Certified Equine Massage Therpay: Equine massage therapy is the manipulation of soft tissue through hands on massage to enhance and prepare a horse for work, assist in recovery from exercise, and to treat any sport related muscular issues between work sessions.
Certified Equine Shiatsu Massage Therapist: Increase flexibility , Enhance performance, encourage overall wellbeing
Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapists: Central Florida Equine Massage - barns - shows - track - clinics - Certified ESMT. Will come to your location in Central Florida.
Connecticut Equine Massage : Offering whole body and sports massage for all breeds, all disciplines. Call our certified and insured therapists today to schedule an appointment. Outcomes are remarkable! Tel (203) 430-4092 for Wendy Tel (203) 676-9826 for Halide
Equine Massage Therapist: Certified Equine Body Worker. Monthly specials and professional discounts. Call 714-746-7484 or ginagould@pacbell.net
Equine Massage Therapy: I am a certified equine massage therapist. I earned my certification through Hocking College where I will also be attending for equine accupressure.
EQUINE MASSAGE THERAPY: Used for prevention, maintenance, or rehabilitation from injury, properly applied massage can greatly improve performance, longevity and allow you the most of your horse. "BECAUSE YOUR HORSE MATTERS"
Equine Massage Therapy: McMaster Massage Equine Massage Therapy - providing quality therapeutic and relaxational equine massage since 2000.
Equine massage therapy courses : Learn equine massage therapy from someone with over 21 years of massage experience. Equine vertebral realignment coursesL learn how to adjust horses without mallets! Courses taught across Canada. www.equinerehab.ca
Equine MassageWorks: Based in Casco ME area, Equine MassageWorks can really make a difference to the health and welfare of your beloved horse. Quality care by a trained and experience professional at affordable prices.
Equine Sports Massage Therapy: Maximize the potential in your horse! Equissage certified equine sports massage therapist serving the Aiken, SC area. All breeds, all disciplines. Special pricing for long term lay-ups.
Equine Sports Massage Therapy: Certified practitioner serving NY/NJ/CT Maximize your horses potential. Group discount available.
Equine Sports Massage, Georgina Ontario: Equine massage therapy is the manipulation of soft tissue through hands on massage to enhance and prepare a horse for work, assist in recovery from exercise, and to treat any sport related muscular issues between work sessions.
Equine-Touch Sports Massage and Reiki: Claire Demarest of Equine-Touch provides tailored sports massage and Reiki for the improved health, comfort, and performance of your horse.
Equus Touch - Sports Massage Therapy: Therapeutic, hands-on massage is recognized for its abiliby to increase circulation, relax muscle spasm, relieve tension, enhance muscle tone and increase range of motion...to list just a few. Give back to your horse!
Finding Quiet Equine: Certified Equine Massage Therapist - Making connections for you and your horse - I use your horse's attention and movement to focus on softening overworked muscles, addressing asymmetry, imbalance and decreased range of motion.
Heart and Hoof: Heart and Hoof is dedicated to giving horses the relaxing and therapeutic massages they deserve.
Heavenly Gaits Equine Massage: Equine massage therapy service offered in the North & Central Texas area, as well as registered Arabian & Quarter Horses for sale.
Hopi Luvs Massage: *Equissage Certified*Equine Sports Massage Therapy. The perfect natural therapy for horses of all discliplines, to prevent muscle injury, eliminate muscle tension, increase range of motion, and improve overall performance.
Horse Holistics: Integrated Therapies for Grand Prix results.
In Hand Equine Massage: Sports massage for the equine athlete or pleasure horse. Equine sports massage speeds recovery, prevents injury, increases endurance, and much more. Please visit my website to see how your horse can benefit
L'Essage: Equine Sports Massage Therapy - noninvasive therapy for equines for that competitive edge
Lorien Stable: Equine massage therapy, saddle fitting, informative articles on equine riding, training, managing, and maintenance.
Ontario Equine Massage: Registered Equine Massage Therapy. A 2200 Hour course parallel to human RMT's and governed by the International Federation of Equine Massage Therapists. Courses in anatomy, physiology, kinesology, pathology and Theory and Techinque.
personal training: Fitness Coaching Inc. is dedicated to enhancing the well-being of our clients by offering professional in- home personalized exercise, nutrition, massage therapy and stress management programs. Through safe, effective and enjoyable training we motivate our clients to achieve happier, healthier and more productive lives.
Proactive Equine Massage Therapy: Serving northern IL and southern WI areas. Maintenance Massage Pre and Post Event Massage Post Massage Stretches Customized for each individual horse.
Rider's Edge Integrated Equine Bodywork: Equine massage therapy along with myofascial release, stress point therapy, sports massage, and skeletal realignment.
Sarahs Equine Holistics: I have and associates degree in Equine Science majoring in Equine health and Complementory therapies from Hocking College. I am certified in Equine sports massage and Equine Acupressure also threw Hocking College.
Show & Race Ready Equine Sports Massage: Clipping, braiding, and equine sports massage therapy for your horse. Please see our website for details.
Southern California Horse Massage: Equine Massage, Sports Therapy
Tha Happy Horse Equine Massage & Reiki: Full Body Equine Sports Massage & Reiki by a Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist & Reiki III Certified Practitioner
The Grange Equine Therapy - Unlocking the Gait copyrighyt reserved: International Equine Body Worker and Equine appraiser. Practitioner in Sports and rehabilitative massage therapy. Established in Bahrian, the Middle East and the UK. Equine livery and training provider.
western touch equine massage therapy: equine massage therapy service. working in ca,nv
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