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Equa Consulting: Dr. Nancy R. Deuel of Equa Consulting, St. Michaels, Maryland, USA provides expert scientific advice on equine athletic assessment and performance enhancement in a comprehensive range of horse industry activities.
Equine care consulting service: Online & on site consulting on all aspects of horse care Ration balancing & formulation Groundwork exercises to enhance the human/equine bond and improve ground manners Online short courses on a variety of equine subjects
Euqine Sports Massage Therapy: Unbridle your horses full potential with the healing power of massage. Increase performance, circulation, agility, flexibility, movement, muscle tone and the overall health of your horse.
KaufmannSport Sport Psychology Consulting: Mental Training for the equestrian
Riding Far - Sport Psychology Consultation: Providing indivividual and group consultation aimed at performance enhancement, personal growth, and injury rehabilition. Leesburg, Virginia.