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Vespucci Fancy Raised Jumper Bridle with Figure 8 in Brown

Vespucci Fancy Raised Brown Jumper Bridle with Figure 8


ZZZ - Vespucci Fancy Raised Jumper Bridle with Figure 8 - Brown

by World Equestrian

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Gorgeous soft, English leather jumper bridle by Vespucci. Classic figure 8 look with padding on crown piece, over the nose, and under the jaw. Stainless steel hardware. Fancy raised stitching on brow band and figure 8. 5/8" cheeks.

Many Figure 8 Jumper Bridles can apply painful pressure to the sensitive parts of your horse's face and in worst cases, even interfere with your horse's breathing. Renowned bridle designer Peter Menet is looking at horses with a powerful new vision. Following an exhaustive study of horse anatomy as it relates to veins, arteries, nerves, and the soft tissue areas, he can actually see where a horse is susceptible to facial pain and injury, inspiring him to literally reinvent the bridle. Padding is applied to the appropriate places and the design of the bridle to appropriately fit the horse's face.

Vespucci's design philosophy takes into consideration the bio-mechanics of a horse in motion, pressure points on the horse's head, and the best way to communicate instructions between rider and horse. All of which is for the purpose of creating a union, where the horse almost intuitively understands the rider's direction and the two move together as one.

Reins sold separately.

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