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Cashel Grazing Muzzle Halter

Cashel Grazing Muzzle Halter


ZZZ - Cashel Grazing Muzzle Halter

by Cashel, Inc.

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The Grazing Muzzle Halter is ideal for a wide range of issues you may be facing with your equine. Overweight horses can enjoy the pasture and get exercise without overeating. Perfect for horses facing a medical procedure where food must be removed, but can still stay in their home setting. Horses can still drink water freely with the Grazing Muzzle.

Always use caution with the Grazing Muzzle and do not leave it on your horse for long periods of time without consulting your veterinarian. Adjustable and fits securely over the poll and under the chin.

Cashel Grazing Muzzle Halter

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