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Supracor Hunter Jumper Cool Grip Saddle Pad

Supracor Hunter Jumper Cool Grip Saddle Pad


ZZZ - Supracor Hunter Jumper Cool Grip Saddle Pad

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Cool Grip: A revolutionary concept in cushioning for horses

Unlike foam, gel and air bladder pads, the modern, lightweight Cool Grip® distributes weight uniformly over your horse's back while providing exceptional stability, to help prevent the saddle from slipping. The honeycomb cells flex with your horse's movements to absorb shock and minimize shearing.

Cool, Clean, and Comfortable

A unique ventilation system - tiny perforations within the honeycomb cell walls - circulates air and evaporates moisture, so your horse's back stays cool and comfortable.

Made from an advanced material - the washable Cool Grip is anti-fungal, antibacterial and easy to keep clean. Just sponge with soapy water, hose off and shake to dry. Because it can be kept hygienic, Cool Grip can be used on different horses without fear of contamination.

Made for Hunter Jumpers

The Hunter Jumper pad features an anatomically correct top line, providing ample wither clearance, beneficial for both average and high-withered breeds. The 3/4" thick H/J Cool Grip features stiffer honeycomb in the front to effectively manage the pressure exerted while jumping. Matching Ultrasuede® around the edges.

Available in two sizes.
Supracor Hunter Jumper Cool Grip Saddle Pad

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