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Cashel Cushion Pad

Cashel Cushion Pad


zzz - Cashel Cushion Pad

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Engineered to provide outstanding back protection and shock absorbency, your Cashel Cushion is made with a unique closed cell foam originally designed for the aerospace industry for weight distribution and shock absorbency. Your durable Cashel Cushion will not collapse or absorb moisture and bacteria the way open cell foam pads do, nor will it retain heat or add unnecessary weight the way liquid gel pads do. Extremely light weight and conforming to your horse's back, your Cashel Cushion will help relieve pressure points and is tapered at the edge to eliminate uncomfortable ridges. Your Cashel Cushion pad goes label side up with your saddle directly on top. It can be used with another saddle pad or by itself.

Cashel Cushion Pad

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