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Our 110% Low Price Guarantee

How the Low Price is Calculated

First we match their price, and then we subtract 10 percent of the difference. For example, if we are selling a book for $10 and you find one online for $8, your price from us would be $8-(.10*(10-8))=$7.80.

How to get the Low Price applied to your order

Just place your order through our website and request the Low Price in the Notes section of your order. IMPORTANT: You must also list the hyperlink to the lower price you found, we check all hyperlinks.

If we can not match the price for any reason (such as their item has lower specifications, they are located in a different country, or any of the restrictions below) then we will place your order on hold and contact you to see if we should still complete your order.


  • The Low Price Guarantee will be applied when you send us an ONLINE HYPERLINK ONLY. Prices from catalogs, text quotes, phone quotes, and ETC will not be matched. We only beat prices on items that can be ordered online.
  • This price match only applies to items with specifications equal to our own. We will check the hyperlink you send to make sure the items are comparable. Because many sellers use stock photos, their listings must describe the specifications in text.
  • We reserve the right to limit the number of suppliers for price match on a single order to one, but we will only exercise this right if fulfilling the order would cost us money.
  • We will not beat prices for individual kit components, items located in other countries, individual parts of a batch, or items that we do not have in stock.


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