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Farnam Rain Maker Hoof Moisturizer

Farnam Rain Maker Hoof Moisturizer


Farnam Rain Maker Hoof Moisturizer

Discontinued by Bradley Caldwell

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Special Help For Your Horse's Hoof. By Farnam.

Dry weather, dusty stables, lack of exercise. These factors combine to rob a horse's hoofs of moisture, leaving them hard and brittle; susceptible to cracks, injury and disease, unable to regenerate quickly because of slowed growth.

Rain Maker can protect your horse's hoofs from these damaging conditions. Like a rainy day, Rain Maker leaves hoofs with a healthy balance of moisture. It's an advanced hoof dressing that helps restore and condition damaged hoofs, so they can absorb the stresses and shocks of daily life with ease.


  • Humectants in Glycerine attract moisture to hoof Fatty Acid Esters absorb and carry moisture deep within the hoof
  • Rosins and Petrolatum help retain hoof moisture
  • Aloe Vera Oil penetrates deep to help keep hoofs healthy-looking
  • Lanolin provides emollient action
  • Pine Tar enhances color, texture, sheen
Neatsfoot Oil, White Petrolatum, Pine Tar, Lanolin, Aloe Vera Oil, Glycerine, Hydrolized Animal Protein

32 oz metal can with handy brush cap top

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