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Dalmar Eventer Hind Boots Black

Dalmar Eventer Hind Boots Black


Dalmar Eventer Hind Boots - Black

DBDF2H-K000 by Horseware

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Dalmar Eventer Hind (Back) Boot - Black

Air Cooling - Conventional boots and bandages insulate the horse's tendons and prevent heat from escaping. The Dalmar patented cooling system utilizes the high speed cold air hitting the front of the horse's leg to pass through the boot and to cool the tendons while the horse gallops.

Carbon Fiber Strike Protection - In the event of an accidental strike the force of the impact is distributed over the entire length of the boot and immediately deflected away from the horse's Flexor Tendons and Suspensory Ligament.


  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Aircooled Tendon Protection
  • Carbon Fiber Strike Protection
  • Quick Wrap Fastener
  • Even Pressure
  • High Durability

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