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Majyk Equipe Memory Foam Fetlock Boots

Majyk Equipe Memory Foam Fetlock Boots


ZZZ - Majyk Equipe Memory Foam Fetlock Boots - Black

ME1003 by Majyk Equipe

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Series Two Memory Foam Fetlock Boots

The Series Two Fetlock Boots have the same construction as our Series One Boots including BASF Variable Hardness TPU shell, Air Shock protection and triple layered reinforced strike zone with addition of memory foam liners. As the memory foam warms to the horse’s leg it fills all the natural curves and indentations not visible to the naked eye, thus creating a custom fit. No rubbing, no discoloration of coat, just a comfortable perfect fit. All Majyk Equipe boots have the following technology built into them:

Innovative Impact Protection: A strong, shock absorbing and extremely lightweight encapsulated air cushion is designed into the Air Shock tendon and fetlock boots to provide maximum impact protection. The air cushion works in unison with the specially shaped “threat impact zone” strike area of the outer TPU shell and the inner liner. Breathable, Lightweight, Durable: The boots have soft lycra binding on 6mm perforated neoprene or 6 mm iso-elastic memory foam with nylon jersey to absorb shock. Ventilation holes in the tendon boot shell help increase air flow and reduce heat buildup. The boots are machine washable and dry very quickly.

BASF Brand TPU: We use the best possible raw materials for higher quality and performance. German grade BASF TPU gives documented material quality, excellent mold performance, improved color retention and durability.

Custom Fit Liners: Our perforated Neoprene liner is lightweight and breathable. The memory foam is carefully selected to provide optimum support, a custom fit and minimal fluctuation of density in cold and hot temperatures. Our memory foam does not overly harden in cold temperatures providing a comfortable fit at all times.

Size: Horse

Majyk Equipe Memory Foam Fetlock Boots

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