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Rambo Fly Buster

Rambo Fly Buster


ZZZ - Rambo Fly Buster

Discontinued Style (AFAR01-MNKW) by Horseware


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The Rambo Flybuster from Horseware Ireland is a revolutionary insect repellent Fly Sheet that repels flies, mosquitoes, ticks and fleas. The Rambo Flybuster takes the existing Rambo Protector product which has been proven in the market for its quality and durability. The revolutionary BUZZ BLOCKER INSECT SHIELD technology is infused into the fabric of this Fly sheet which now takes the Fly protection market to another level. The Rambo Flybuster Rug is the FIRST of kind to have an approved fly repellent infused into its fibers.

The Rambo Flybuster is a breakthrough in Fly protection that will help our horses to stay calm and happy in the paddock & stable in summer months when annoying insects can be irritating and in some case damaging for the horses' health. The active ingredient in the insect shield process is PERMETHRIN, a man made version of an insect repellent found in certain types of chrysanthemums. The Insect Shield binds the active ingredient to the fabric fibers so thoroughly that it lasts for 25 washes. The repellent is ODORLESS and COLORLESS. The Rambo Flybuster will change the way we think about Fly repellents.

Available in Oatmeal with Black Trim.

Rambo Fly Buster

Rambo Fly Buster

Rambo Fly Buster

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