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Giddyup Gourmet Horse Treats

Giddyup Gourmet Horse Treats


ZZZ - Giddyup Gourmet Horse Treats

by Giddyup Gourmet

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Adorably wrapped in colorful burlap bags printed with the fun Giddy Up Gourmet bucking horse! These treats are as nice to look at as they are to eat.

With home baked gourmet goodness in every bite, your horse will be begging for them. Your only decision will be what flavor to buy:

Peppermint Tidbits (red bag): Made with grains, molasses, alfalfa, brown sugar, crushed peppermint, flax seed, carrots, and fresh apples.

Pony Pleasers (purple bag): Made with molasses, fresh apples, carrots, fresh alfalfa, brown sugar, and flax seed. Simply delicious!

Special Order Available for Tropical Breezers (green bag) or Fall Harvest (orange bag).

1 lb. of yummy treats in a 9"h x 4"w x 3"d bag.

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