NetEquestrian is no longer in operation.

This website is maintained as reference material and a reminder
of a time before tech monopolies ruined the internet
and coronavirus ruined everything else.
English horse Tack. Horse Blankets. Unique horse gifts for horse lovers. Beautiful horse jewelry.

Secure Shopping Guarantee

Our secure shopping policy is simple and effective. By following some simple principles we can insure that your data will never be compromised in any way.

Data Storage.

We only store the first four and last four digits of your credit card number. This makes it completely impossible for anyone to obtain your sensitive data after the transaction is complete.

Encrypted data.

All of our websites use 128 bit SSL connections during the entire checkout procedure. This is the accepted standard for transmitting secure data.

Big name, third party ecommerce hosting.

Instead of hosting our store on servers that we own and maintain, we use large ecommerce hosting facilities. They host hundreds or thousands of secure websites, and because they specialize in keeping the servers secure, they know what they are doing and our information will not be compromised at the server or operating system level.

Up to date Linux servers.

Most security experts agree that Linux, when properly maintained, is the superior operating system for hosting secure data. Our servers run exclusively on Linux and are maintained by third party experts.

Big name, third party credit card processing.

By using one of the largest credit card processors available, we insure that your data will not be compromised at the processing level. Security at larger companies is far superior to the smaller processors - because it has to be. Hackers know this as well - they know that the biggest scores will come from smaller card processors because they are more likely to succeed and less likely to get caught.

Proven security methodology.

Our ECommerce software is based on OSCommerce, a software solution used by thousands of secure websites around the world. With a widely used application such as this, all of the security holes were found and patched years ago, and if any new ones arise they are found and fixed quickly. Software at every level is equally popular. We will not use small applications that are easily compromised. Our site runs on PHP and MySQL.


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Equestrian Horseback Riding Supplies

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