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Along the Cowboy Trail by Tammy LeRoy

Along the Cowboy Trail, Hardcover, | ISBN-10: 0-9678881-0-7| ISBN-13: 9780967888101


Along the Cowboy Trail by Tammy LeRoy

0-9678881-0-7 by Unknown Vendor

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Along the Cowboy Trail

By: Tammy LeRoy

Pictures by: Robert Dawson

Published by: RD Publishing, Inc.

Collected over five years by Robert Dawson, who once worked as a cowboy on an Arkansas ranch, these pictures not only capture the beauty of the American West in prairie, mountain, and desert, but also honor the spirit of those who worked and explored these lands. The cowboy has long embodied the essence of adventure, courage, and independence--a romantic image that is handsomely preserved in the pages of this book. Robert Dawson is best known for his photos of horses and the American West; he lives in Oregon. Tammy LeRoy lives in Phoenix, Arizona. They also collaborated on The Spirit of the Horse and The Spirit of the Performance Horse.

Adults & teens. Hardcover.

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