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Riding for Life by Rallie McAllister

Riding for Life, Softcover| ISBN-10: 978-158150170-4| ISBN-13: 9781581501704


ZZZ - Riding for Life by Rallie McAllister

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Riding for Life by Rallie McAllister

Physician and equestrian Rallie McAllister, M.D., offers horsewomen the tools they need to create a lifetime of optimal health, including:

The Riding for Life

  • Self-Assessment: helps you evaluate different aspects of your health.
  • Diet: supports the unique nutritional demands of the female equestrian.
  • Fitness Program: maximizes equestrian performance through enhanced strength, stamina, and flexibility.
Softcover; 272 pages

"This book is a great guide for all riders to recognize the importance of diet and exercise and how to incorporate this into their riding routines..." - Alison Firestone Robitaille, international Grand Prix rider

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