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High Fences by Julie White

High Fences,Softcover| ISBN-10: 978-1-55039-063-3| ISBN-13: 9781550391633


High Fences by Julie White

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High Fences By Julie White

Kirsty laughed. "Faye will never part with Robin." A sly smile spread over Nicole's thin face. "We'll see."

Robin is a pony in a million. He'll do anything Faye asks him to do, and Faye loves him with all her heart.

Then the farm truck breaks down and there's no money to pay for repairs. Faye's grandmother Lucy starts talking about selling the farm. So Faye does the unthinkable. She agrees to sell Robin, a piece of her heart going with him.

It's galling that Robin's new owner is Nicole, a pampered, pretty rider with no notion of how to handle him. Nicole keeps pestering Faye to divulge her "secret" to make Robin jump. She refuses to believe that Robin's troubles on the course are her own problem, not Robin's, and definitely not Faye's.

So Faye tells herself, until her love for Robin gets the better of her. Before long, there is a secret, her's, Nicole's, and Robin's. Faye thinks she's getting what she wants and doing the best thing for Robin, too. Then a wonderful opportunity arrives, and Faye has to face the truth. Maybe there's a time when winning means losing the best partner you've ever had.

Paperback; 168 Pages
For Ages: 8 - 12 Softcover.

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