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Rebel of Dark Creek By Nikki Tate

Rebel of Dark Creek, Softcover| ISBN-10: 978-1-55039-076-6| ISBN-13: 9781550390766


Rebel of Dark Creek By Nikki Tate

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Rebel of Dark Creek By Nikki Tate

Jessa is in Grade 6 and eats, sleeps, and dreams horses. But lessons and ponies are expensive, so how will she ever manage to buy or lease a horse of her own? With a combination of work, luck, and good friends she finds a pony named Rebel ... and then the adventures begin! On with the gumboots, up with the pitchfork and Jessa has to learn to work for Rebel's room and board while keeping up in school and coping with some strange behaviour from a few classmates.

Paperback; 152 Pages
For Ages: 8-12 Softcover

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