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The First Horse I See by Sally Keehn

The First Horse I See, Hardcover |ISBN-10: 978-0-698-11867-6  |ISBN-13: 9780698118676


ZZZ - The First Horse I See by Sally Keehn

978-0-698-11867-6 by Penguin Group

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The First Horse I See by Sally Keehn Author: Sally Keehn

Promised by her dying mother that she could have a horse, Willo is convinced the skittish ex-racehorse is the horse for her. Her father fears for her safety and gives her an ultimatum as to how long she can keep the horse. With the help of her riding instructor, Diana, she begins to make progress training the unruly horse and restoring its trust in people. Willo must deal with her father's long absences, their grief over the loss of her mother, and the departure of Diana and her son, Colin, for whom Willo has developed strong feelings. Her bond to the horse becomes even stronger.
From School Library Journal: "All the characters are richly drawn and the plot is fast moving and complex. Willo is a resilient and believable heroine with whom readers will empathize, making this well-written story a worthwhile and entertaining read."

For Ages: 8-13 yrs
Paperback | 5.03 x 7.75in | 224 pages Hardcover.

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