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Wovoka's Vision Figurine

Wovoka's Vision Figurine


ZZZ - Wovoka's Vision Figurine

by Westland

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Trail of the Painted Ponies Collectible Figurine.

It began with a solar eclipse on January 1, 1889: A Paiute medicine man named Wovoka had a vision that turned into a movement known as the Ghost Dance. Wovoka's dream centered on a ceremony he believed would reunite the living with the loved ones in the ghost world, replenish the buffalo, and ultimately restore the world to its original beauty. In his memory, and as a tribute to this important chapter in American Indian history, Devon Archer, a Virginia artist, has created a Painted Pony inspired by the colors and symbols that can be found on the traditional Ghost Dance shirts and dresses. Made of Resin. Measures 7". Designed by artist: Devon Archer.

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