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E.A. Mattes Correction Half Pad with Rear Trim

E.A. Mattes Correction Half Pad with Rear Trim


ZZZ - E.A. Mattes Correction Half Pad with Rear Trim

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Rated #1 Therapeutic Pad by the Horse Journal, for unsurpassed quality, function, durability and appearance.

Mattes pads feature a top line that has an anatomically correct curvature with high wither and Spine-Free design to eliminate pinching or rubbing in the gullet area which can lead to back soreness. The superior sheepskin is 100% natural without chemical treatment. The extreme density of the wool, combined with its structure eliminates bounce, friction and efficiently disseminates heat and sweat. The sheepskin hides are made from one large piece without seams to protect the horse from ridges of pressure.

Mattes Correction Half Pads feature the Correction System, a design that can enhance saddle fit and help maintain saddle balance and straightness. The Correction System can improve saddle fit on horses who may change form throughout competition season, have physical asymmetries or other similar situations. This system uses Poly-Flex shims that are slipped into the pockets on the saddle pad to allow for adjustments to be easily made. The poly-flex material absorbs energy to eliminate bounce and is very resilient and won't bottom out like foam or other materials. The shims are 5 millimeters thick and designed to be layered, and are easily trimmed with scissors to taper the ends and create pressure-free fit it 3-4 shims are necessary. Like the basic Half Pad, the Correction Half Pad fits neatly under the saddle and can be used directly on the horse's back, or on top of a quilted pad that has a similar shaped top line, such as the Mattes Quilt-Only Pads.

The all-purpose style has a subtle forward projection at the front to accommodate a variety of jump and all-purpose saddles. The Jump style has a more forward projection.

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