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Paradise Pony Cinnamon

Paradise Pony Cinnamon


Paradise Pony Cinnamon

by Paradise Horses

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Hello. My name is Cinnamon and I'm a chestnut pony. I am very sensitive and caring, and love to teach children how to ride. I am what some call a "school master," which means that I am easy to ride and I can take a joke. For example, I don't get mad if a beginner kicks me too hard or jerks me in the mouth. I have patience.

Cinnamon is a Paradise Pony. Each Paradise Pony comes with accessories, including a halter, a comb, a carrot and care instructions. All Paradise ponies are fully pose-able with highly detailed and life-like features, such as expressive and bright eyes, brush-able manes and tails, resilient bodies, and mouths that open to accept a bit or carrot. In addition, purchasing a Paradise Horse includes membership to the Paradise Horse Club, which will ensure a galloping good time online.

Body: Chestnut Mane/Tail
Color: Reddish Brown
Dimensions: 8" x 8" x 2"
Age Recommendation: 5+

Paradise Horses makes every child's dream of owning a horse come true - fostering a passion that will last a lifetime. The beautifully crafted model toy horses and accessories encourage serious horseplay - providing children with an experience that spurs imagination, breeds passion and grows with them to adulthood.

Paradise Pony Cinnamon

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