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Marwari 1495 by Breyer

Breyer Marwari - 1495


ZZZ - Breyer Marwari - 1495

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The Marwari may be a very rare breed, but they certainly stand out in a crowd! The hallmark characteristic of this exotic breed is its distinctive ears, which curl inward and may touch or overlap. Native to India, the only known location where Marwari horses can be seen by the public in North America is at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY, the home of BreyerFest!

Marwari horses get their name from the Marwar region of Rajasthan, India. While the breed's precise origins are unknown, the Marwari was bred to for speed and endurance, as they were the treasured mounts of Rajput rulers and warriors. The breed was once at risk of disappearing due to the country's changing political and social climates, but today conservation efforts are in place thanks to the work of several dedicated individuals and India's Indigenous Horse Society.

Marwari horses are athletic and intelligent animals, and can be just about any coat color and pinto pattern. Standing on average 15-16hh, Marwaris are refined horses with a slightly arched neck, hard hooves, and may display an ambling gait.

Breyer Marwari - 1495

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Recommended Age:8 and Up
Breyer# 1495

Breyer Marwari - 1495

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