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Paradise Horses Show Accessory Set

Paradise Horses Show Accessory Set


ZZZ - Paradise Horses Show Accessory Set

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Dress your horses to win with this fun horse show accessory set, including a show cooler and front and hind boots). The blue wool dress cooler with yellow and white trim features the Paradise Horses™ embroidered monogram like all Paradise Horses™ blankets. And our hand-stitched front and hind boots are extremely durable and have an inner neoprene lining. Both the blanket and boots fasten with velcro.

Age Recommendation: 5+

Paradise Horses™ makes every child's dream of owning a horse come true - fostering a passion that will last a lifetime. The beautifully crafted model toy horses and riders encourage serious horseplay - providing children with an experience that spurs imagination, breeds passion and grows with them to adulthood.

Paradise Horses Show Accessory Set

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