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ZZZ - Jump!

by Workman


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A Horsin' Around Card Game By Cindy A. Littlefield

Kids who think, talk, and dream about horses all day long will be crazy about this deck of Horsin' Around card games.

The Jump! deck will have English and Western riders alike jumping, racing, and spinning their way through the lineup of six card games. Deal out the cards and get ready to jockey for first place in "Neck and Neck," a contest in which riders try to gallop the farthest on a tabletop track. Vie to become top horse in the field by winning all the cards in the game of "Pecking Order." Then use your ESP (Equine Sensory Perception) to make the right matches in the challenging memory game of "Horse Sense."

The Jump! cards are full-color and depict all things horse related, from types of feeds, grooming tools, tack and riding accessories to a variety of fun facts that will really give horse lovers plenty to talk about! Each deck comes with a bonus gift of four collectible horse breeds cards.

Dedicated horse fans--and even kids who don't know a gait from a gate--will enjoy these fun, fast-paced games.

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