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HDD Royal Senator

- - - - Standing 2004 in Airway Heights, Washington - - - - - Royal Senator is a Homozygous Stallion - which means no chestnut foal - and when bred to black mare you will always get a black foal.

Royal Senator is 100% Brunk - With a pedigree of 5 x Flyhawk - 3 x Senator Graham ( with still two of each on the papers) The Great - Windhover Regency ? The Black Rose - Senator Barr - Shadow Hawk - Beamington ?Mr. Breezy Cobra - The Airacobra - Jenny Lake - Ellen Bar- Barberry - how much more brunk can you get ?

Standing 15h and a compact built with very thick mane and a just great disposition ?

Used primary as a riding horse-loves the mountains- could not get a better companion when at the edge. Has been a out rider horse at Cancer rides - given riding lessons ?has spent the day at day camps for kids showing them what a Morgan is and how quite and content they can be.

This stud has a very willing attitude and passes this trait on strongly ?

His foals have such confidence and trust that they accept what is being done with them ? which is a very desirable when you want a family/ youth mount

Royal Senator has a very strong and fast Road trot, which can be ridden forever

Royal Senator has produced 66 foals ? by the end of 2002. Both purebred and many part. of which 2/3 are Black and 2/3 are fillies ? Many offspring are homozygous like him. Having offspring in both Canada and US ? and in all fields of work including stallions in both Countries.

Since doing up Web site I have had numerous emails saying I have a offspring and love them

standing at www.dragoontraining.com

  • 1st yr. colts
  • 1st yr futurity and Champion

Foal Year: 1987
Results: 66 foals at end of 2002 - with 2/3 Black and 2/3 fillies - foals excel in all areas
Common Traits Passed to Foals: quite Disposition,
More Details: frozen Semen available
External Link: http://www.hondadewmorgans.com

Horse Name: HDD Royal Senator

Stud Fee: 600

Booking Fee: 150

Color: Black

Stable: Dragoon Training

Sire: Windhover Regency

Dam: Senator's Sweething

Grand Sire: Beammington

Dam of Sire: The Black Rose

Dam Sire: Senatorr Barr

Dam of Dam: Midnight Lace

Price: $600

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