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Mr. Honky Tonk "Tonka"

Tonka is a dappled grey paint pony. He has a white stripe on his face 4 white stockings and a white patch on his withers. White mane and tail. Excellent temperment and ridden by children as well as a flashy show pony. Flashy looks, trot and personality. Loves attention. Email for pictures. Must See!

    Foal Year: 2002
    More Details: First year as a young breeding stallion first few mares bred for free on site. Email for info.

    Horse Name: Mr. Honky Tonk "Tonka"

    Stud Fee: 200

    Breed: Other

    Color: Grey

    Dicipline: Halter

    Dicipline: Jumper

    Dicipline: Pleasure/Trail

    Price: $200

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