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Chapman's Premium Natural Healing Liniment: All natural, homeopathic compatible, herbal horse liniment acts as a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory. This equine liniment reduces swelling, eases sore muscles, stocking up, edema, and helps maintain tight legs.
equine braces and splints: custom made orthotic braces and splints are now available for equines and dogs.
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NoorVet Corporation : we are manufacturers & exporter of veterinary instruments farrier instruments & equestrain products
NTD Equine Leg Brace: Supporting the needs of Equines,functional correction full mobility custom brace.
Sprays & Wormers : Carry a full line of Equine fly sprays and wormers. Check out the products available such as Bronce Equine Fly Spray, Roll On Insect Repellent and Iver-Care Wormer at www.tjsequineappraisers.com
VetAffiliate.com: VetAffiliate.com's online mission is to bring unique and effective animal health products to veterinarians and their clients. Many of the products offered by VetAffiliate.com are sold only through licensed veterinarians.
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