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A Natural Approach to Horsemanship: Kristina Berg Triplat works with horse and rider to build strong partnership foundations based on the principles of natural horsemanship... for all ages, breeds and disciplines. Training, lessons and clinics available.
BW Natural Horsemanship: Instructions in:Communication,Leadership and Handling and more...
Chanti Cleland @ the epona partnership: The Horse is a Mirror to your Soul.....Sometimes you will like what you see....Sometimes you won't. I'm here to help you with the bits you don't like. Chanti Cleland @ the epona partnership is a life coach to horses & humans, using the similarities in behaviour of both to aid Equines & People to achieve Optimum Results; through Horsemanship Through Feel lessons and clinics, clinics, problem solving & trailer loading clinics, as well as Equine Facilitated Learning, Equine assisted Life Coaching, and Complimentary Therapy courses such as Usui Reiki & Equine Reiki.
Cornerstone Natural Horsemanship: Providing private, semi-private natural horsemanship lessons as well as horse training.
Creating Winning Relationships - High Point Farm: Certified Chris Irwin natural horsemanship trainer. Available for clinics. lessons and training. Anne Gage's mission is teaching adult amateur riders of all disciplines to improve their partnerships with their horses & enjoy their riding more.
Delhi Equestrian Center: Providing pasture board, arena rental and horsemanship clinics with top clinicians from around the country. Our focus is on natural horsemanship training and is promoted through the trainers we invite to hold clinics here.
experienced horse trainer: I come to you. Rates vary. can stat your young horse under saddle or modify the behavior in your problem horse.english, western, jumping
Gentlehorses.com: "Teaching Horses About People and People About Horses." Welcome to Gentlehorses.com, a web site devoted to a natural approach to horse care, natural horsemanship and training.
Greenhorn Horse Facts: Horse facts and information on all things related to horses and their care.
Horses R Us horse training: Professional horse training. Over 30 yrs exp. in natural horsemanship. Will train at your site or ours. Very reasonable rates. Free training advice at www.myspace.com/aconfusedlife
Jerry Munns Natural Horsemanship: Natural Horsemanship for the betterment of the horse. Communication through feel on the ground. Horses for sale.
Maureen Owens, Licensed Parelli Professional: Maureen Owens is a licensed Parelli Professional providing natural horsemanship lessons and natural horsemanship training for horses.
Natural Horse Solutions: Colt starting the natural way as well as trailer loading and foundation training in the Atlanta area. Riding lessons in the both english and western disciplines. Jumping and Dressage.
Natural Horse Solutions: 15 years experience training and teaching. Specalizing in natural horsemanship techniques to colt start, retrain, and foundation train horses. Offering horsemanship lessons for both the english and western riders.
Natural Horsemanship, from Quantum Savvy SW UK : Natural Horsemanship events across the South-West UK, and home study supported by a friendly, professional team.
Online Video Horse Training Tutorials: The Horse Sensible program reality video website offers an extensive video library of horse training tutorials showing an expert trainer working with average horse owners--starting colts, riding, and working with problem horses. This is a kinder, gentler Natural Horsemanship program that focuses on taking the time to build a trusting relationship and good communication with a horse. This is not about quick fixes. This is about learning to read a horse, being observant and learning to communicate in a way the horse can understand. Teaching in "baby steps" and going only as fast as the horse can learn and be comfortable and relaxed. You will enjoy all the informative and entertaining lessons as Dave takes you each step of the way to a better relationship with your horse. New feature series are added continually. Small monthly membership fee which can be cancelled at any time.
Parelli Experience 2012: 5-Day Parelli Workshop Dates: June 22-26, 2012 Location: Thorsby, Alberta Haymaker Arena Presented by: Don Halladay and John Baar Supported by: Parelli Junior Instructors
Ranch Critter Equine Rescue: We are a 501(c)(3) located in Hempstead, TX. Ranch Critters specializes in helping horses of all sizes and shapes have a second chance at life. Founded in 2010, our aim is to help unwanted, abused, and neglected equine have a place to heal, feel safe and be loved before placing them with their new owners. We offer immediate shelter, medical care, rehabilitation and behavioral training to each horse before carefully coordinating an adoption between horse and prospective owner.
Tao Stables: Patients, kindness, consistency, communication! Bridging the gap between horse and human. Instructing Gainesville, FL surrounding area. Specializing in Draft horses and Dressage. Together we can give your horse the tools to succeed.
Todd Owens, Licensed Parelli Professional: Todd Owens is a licensed Parelli Professional providing natural horsemanship lessons and natural horsemanship training for horses.
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