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Anita Watts, Bronze Sculptor: Sculpture that captures the spirit of a brief moment caught in time and space? sometimes nostalgic, sometimes whimsical, ?but always heartening, energetic, and full of life.
Bronze Equine Sculpture by Michelle Farrell: Dedicated to the spirit of the horse.....................
Bronze Horses - Equestrian art bronze horse sculptures: Equestrian art bronze horse sculptures, bronze sculptures, equestrian horse jewelry from BronzeHorses.com, by Graca Dolores
Bronze Sculptures by Marcela Ganly: Through the lost wax method, Marcela Ganly captures the spirit and beauty of horses and casts them into bronze for lasting beauty and years of enjoyment.
Custom Horse Hair Pottery~Donovan Designs: Elegant Custom horse hair pottery made from your horse hair. Pottery also for other pets as dogs, cats, birds.
E q u i n e S c u l p t u r e by Mary Sand: Mary's ability to capture the exceptional beauty of horses and the spiritual relationship between horse and human comes from a lifelong passion for horses...
Equicraft: Farrier William Kuegel and his wife Lynn use horseshoe nails to design jewelry, ornaments, and sculpture.
Equine Art by Lynda Sappington: Elegant, award-winning equine art in bronze, cold-cast porcelain, other media.
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International Equine Artists: A collective group of Equine Artists, Promoting the Equine Artist and Equine Art.
Kathryn Field, Equine art in bronze and steel: ?My work has always been rooted in a fascination for the figure, moving between realism and abstraction."
Marie Barbera Sculpture Studio: Marie Barbera Figurative, Equine & Wildlife Bronze Sculptor
Martha Pedigrew Equine Sculpture: Sculpture that expresses Strength... Dignity... & Serenity
Patricia Crane, Sculptor: Internationally acclaimed for her expressive, life like equine sculpture, Patricia Crane has achieved fame in the United States for her remarkable life sized bronzes...
Ron Hevener: Figurines, paintings, and novels by author/artist Ron Hevener are collected by animal lovers everywhere.
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