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EquiFit T-Boot EXP II Hind Boots

EquiFit T-Boot EXP II Hind Boots


EquiFit T-Boot EXP II Hind Boots

Discontinued Stock by EquiFit, Inc.

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Technologically-advanced boots endorsed by the world's top riders to give you the most competitive and sound edge possible. Designed by a leading orthopedic team, the boots feature a revolutionary T-foam technology for superior comfort, protection, and fit.

Originally invented by NASA, this high-tech, shock-absorbing material conforms to the exact contours of your horse for a custom fit, every time. Reacting to body pressure and heat, T-Foam absorbs 97% of shock and vibration upon impact. Its self-ventilating, open cell structure prevents overheating and controls perspiration.

The T-Boot EXP 2 features leather-like styling and a durable polyurethane shell, for extra protection and durability. The light-weight T-Boot EXP 2 has removable T-Foam liners that can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement.

  • Contoured Comfort
  • Greater Stability
  • Shock Absorption
  • Superior Protection
  • Better Performance
  • Neoprene-free/ Breathable

Available with Velcro or Leather/Brass hook and loop.

Sizing: S/M, M/L , and XL.

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