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Teaching Safe Horsemanship by Jan Dawson

Teaching Safe Horsemanship, Softcover|ISBN-10: 978-1-58017-515-9   |ISBN-13: 9781580175159


ZZZ - Teaching Safe Horsemanship by Jan Dawson

978-1-58017-515-9 by Workman

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Teaching Safe Horsemanship by Jan Dawson A Guide to English and Western Instruction Safe riding is correct riding. That's Jan Dawson's motto, and it's the philosophy behind her book, Teaching Safe Horsemanship. Dawson's goal is to provide both English and Western riding instructors with an effective and safe teaching program. She explains how to assess a horse's particular characteristics in order to weed out potentially dangerous animals. She also offers guidelines for assessing instructors and students, including what makes a good instructor and what attitudes can get in the way of learning proper horsemanship. Since 80 percent of all accidents involve falls due to loss of balance, Dawson identifies the techniques that ensure that a horse and rider are in proper balance. Finally, since she is a lawyer as well as a riding instructor, Dawson includes a chapter on securing useful liability forms, what insurance coverage does and does not do, and how to handle accidents and lawsuits. Dawson and her husband teach the only equine law course taught at a law school in the United States.

By Jan Dawson
Paperback , 160 pages Softcover.

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