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Hoofprints Horse Poems by Jessie Haas

Hoofprints Horse Poems, Hardcover | ISBN-10: 0-06-053406-0| ISBN-13: 9780060534066


ZZZ - Hoofprints Horse Poems by Jessie Haas


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Hoofprints Horse Poems By Jessie Haas

Saddle up,
ride back with me.
You take the Thoroughbred you
have lessons on;
I'll ride my fat Morgan.

Jessie Haas's invitation is an opportunity for adventure -- a ride back in time through 65 million years of horse history.

Meet eohippus, the small, brown-spotted, four-toed ancestor of the modern horse. Watch a youth of ancient times -- courageous, determined, awed -- be the first to attempt to ride a wild horse. Hear the thunder of Genghis Khan's horde riding by and the clang of knights jousting in a tournament. Most of all, feel the love that has existed between humans and horses for thousands of years. It reveals itself as a lonely man lets a colt into his kitchen, as a rider cherishes her horse's wet kiss, and as a starving soldier shares a biscuit with his mount.

In 104 astonishing poems, Jessie Haas captures both the whole sweep of equine history and individual moments that will haunt you. She and her fat Morgan follow Hoofprints back in time to show us the hoofprints on our own hearts.

Hardcover; 6" x 9"
Pages: 224
Ages: 10 and Up

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