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Lyons On Horses by John Lyons

Lyons On Horses, Hardcover, | ISBN-10: 0-385-41398-X | ISBN-13: 9780385413985


ZZZ - Lyons On Horses by John Lyons

0-385-41398-X by Unknown Vendor

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Lyons On Horses

Author: John Lyons
Published by: Doubleday Equestrian Library

“A must-have for first time horse owners and veterans.”—Library Journal

In John Lyons’ twenty-nine years of experience in horse trainer–instructing, he has become recognized as “America’s Most Trusted Horseman.” Each year for the past thirteen years, nearly 10,000 horse handlers from all over the world flock to Lyons’ horse-training clinics to learn from the man whose step-by-step methods have reared some of the most talented trainers, clinicians, and teachers


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