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Tips to Help You Sell Your Horse Online

Tips to Help You Sell Your Horse Online

We are glad you are interested in learning how to more effectively sell your horse online. Here is a simple checklist to ensure you are optimizing your horse advertising efforts and dollars.

1) Drive as many people to your ad as possible. Due to information overload on the Internet, and the thousands of other horses advertised for sale in this medium, this might as first seem challenging. However, netEquestrian has done a lot of the difficult work for you and provides the tools where you can do the rest if you so choose.

  • Post photos with your ad. We can't stress how important this is. Most online buyers don't even look at the text ads. People want to see the horse. Then they'll read about it. When you buy a horse, doesn't the photo just draw you in? Buyers online think so too! In fact, we see about 10x the click through on horse listings with photos over those without. Would you rather have 10,000 or 100,000 eyeballs on your ad?
  • Do whatever you can to have your ad appear at the top of the listings pages. We do provide a search engine to help people filter through the large numbers of horses for sale. However, when people are browsing, they rarely get through more than 5 or 6 pages at a time. Be certain your ad is viewed by making it a Highlighted Listing or a Photo or Video Ad (all of which get preferential treatment).

2) Show your horse in the very best way possible. You want to eliminate unqualified lookers so they don't waste your time.

  • Provide nice quality, clear photos of your horse. We believe that nice quality photos will do more to sell your horse than anything else. If you have photos that are printed or that are too large to upload, let us know. We are happy to help you put them up with your ad.
  • Provide clear content that *accurately* describes your horse.
  • List the price of your horse. Some people prefer to say "Price Upon Request" for higher priced horses. However, if you do this, know you will receive many emails from unqualified buyers. If the price is listed, people know whether your horse is in their budget and will help filter the inquiries you receive.

3) Use your head to protect yourself and your horse. Avoid Internet horse scammers. Do everything in your power to find the right match for your horse.

  • Ensure people try your horse before buying. We are amazed at how many people buy horses site unseen. Be a responsible seller. Recommend the buyer tries the horse out in person to ensure it's a good, safe match.
  • Use your common sense throughout the sales process. We can't stress this enough. Internet horse scammers will contact you about your horse. If a person contacts you and offers you higher than your selling price without seeing your horse, it's safe to assume it's a scam. If a person contacts you indicating they are representing a 3rd party from another country, it's safe to assume it's a scam. If a stranger offers to pay for your horse with a cashier's check, ensure it's legitimate and safely deposited in the bank before allowing your horse to be trailered away. The Internet is an extremely effective way for potential buyers to find your horse for sale. After they find you, it's up to you to use your head to protect yourself.


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