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Pony World Bead Set

Pony World Bead Set


Hama Pony World Bead Set

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DISCONTINUED: With a few pegboards and a variety of colourful HAMA beads, a child's imagination can run wild. String them, place them or press them! The most popular way to use this set is to place the beads on a pegboard in the design of your choice. Then get help from an adult to iron them until they've fused together! The design can then be removed so the pegboard can be used again and again. Set includes 4000 beads, 3 pegboards: a large square, a horse, and a girl, in addition to ironing paper.

NOTE: HAMA beads is a product of Denmark designed for ages: 5 and up. HAMA beads have undergone constant and rigorous testing in accordance with applicable safety standards. This item is not related to recent recalled bead products. This item has been around for over 35 years. Should the beads in this product be accidentally swallowed, they will not harm the child.

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