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Original Plaid 5/A Baker Turn-Out Blanket

5/A Baker Turn-Out Blanket in Original Plaid


ZZZ - 5/A Baker Turn-Out Blanket - Original Plaid

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Baker Turn Out Blanket

Made in the U.S.A. since the late 1800's, this is the stable blanket known worldwide for its traditional good looks and "tough as nails" durability. Still "branded inside" for authenticity, Baker is now made with contour-cut styling for improved fit.

This is the most versatile turn-out blanket Curvon has ever offered. It features include gusseted shoulders, bias surcingles, elastic leg straps and a tailpiece. The outer shell is a 1,200-denier polyester rip stop fabric that can take an incredible amount of abuse while the satin smooth nylon lining polishes the horse's coat. A waterproof/breathable membrane bars water penetration yet allows water vapor from perspiration to pass through to the outside. The horse stays warm, dry and comfortable.

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