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Uncle Jimmy's Hangin' Balls

Uncle Jimmy's Hangin' Balls


ZZZ - Uncle Jimmy's Hangin' Balls

84012 by Bradley Caldwell

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We hope you enjoy this product and that the name does not offend - we thought it was funny and horses everywhere were requesting we carry this yummy stall treat.

Your horse will spend hours trying to lick and grab this ball! Hang one of these and help eliminate the boredom that can lead to stall walking, weaving, cribbing, kicking the walls and flat out chewing down the barn.

Not only is it great tasting, it's packed with vitamins and minerals essential for the horse's everyday needs. Simply attach a rope to the leader rope on the ball and hang above eye level for your horse. They'll love you for it!

Ground corn, sugar, corn syrup, oats, soybean meal, soybean hulls, wheat middling, vegetable oil refinery, lipid, corn germ meal, molasses products, calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate, salt, brewers dried yeast, sodium bentonite, vegetable oil.

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