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Equilibrium Therapy Magnetic Back Pad

Equilibrium Therapy Magnetic Back Pad


ZZZ - Equilibrium Therapy Magnetic Back Pad

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Facilitates healing and promote wellness in your horse. Magnetic Therapy relieves joint and muscle pain, inflammation and stiffness, and improves the lymphatic system - all by stimulating blood flow. The VITAflex® magnets have an external strength of 700 Guass, 2730 Gauss internally and are shaped in long strips that provide a larger penetrating magnetic field compared to other brands' smaller circular magnets. They are also not sewn into the fabric which allows you to place each magnet specifically where healing is needed. The versatile back pad design allows it to be used on a wide size range of horses and is ergonomically designed for comfort. The magnets are broad, slim and flexible to avoid pressure points. Four magnets stick easily to the pad's lining for precise placement. CARE: Remove magnets before washing. Machine wash in cold water. Hang to dry.

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